New features:

Ultra-clean design with no more visual noise.

Clean and minimalist, the new Newspond is designed to load as fast as possible. Focused on presenting the news - and nothing more - we've gotten rid of the visual "noise" that surrounds news sites today.

Breaking news detector that cuts through the crap.

Newspond is great at figuring out the top stories, but is weak at detecting new stories. Newspond 2 corrects this by introducing a brand new breaking news detector that quickly discovers high-velocity stories surfacing anywhere and posts them to a brand new "Breaking News Ticker" on the front page.

Smarter news engine with new types of sources.

Newspond's current news engine looks only at the number of sources that are reporting a story. The new engine takes it to the next level, pulling in data from new types of sources and cross references them to better extrapolate story popularity and increase story relation accuracy. Not only that, these algorithms will give you a measure of how popular the story is with the internet community, instead of just blogs and news sites.

Way more news sections.

The new site has much more news sections including world news, politics, entertainment, and many more. If you're interested in it, chances are Newspond 2 will cover it.

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