No editors. No voting. Just a self-sufficient news engine.

Newspond's articles are found and sorted by real-time global popularity, using a fully automated news collection engine. ItŐs the ultimate hub for the latest news.

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At the heart of Newspond lies a fully automated news engine. This system continually watches over and reads hundreds of different websites, including everything from major news portals, to the tiniest blog, or forum. As a news story surfaces across one or more of these sites, Newspond notes every detail about it - from how fast a story spreads throughout the internet, to the amount of discussion surrounding the story, to even things like the rate at which people click on or bookmark the article and the size of each of the sites reporting it. Every detail is carefully noted, sized, and gauged, reading much faster than any human editor. That way, you don't need to visit multiple news sites to figure out what's going on.

Carefully, Newspond pieces together all of the intricate information nailing down exactly how much buzz a particular story has, and produces a number - the story's "Buoyancy Rating". This constantly changing number represents all the interlocking factors that make up the exact popularity of an article at any given point in time. Sorting stories by these popularity ratings reveals a stunningly-instant, up-to-the-second surface view of the entire internet as stories spread throughout it.

EXACT POPULARITY A Newspond Buoyancy Rating measures precisely the exact upward force exerted on a news story by the internet, in real-time. The story with the highest buoyancy floats above all the rest.

Popularity in flux

Unlike a social bookmarking site, Newspond's Buoyancy Ratings go both up and down with time. That way, you can easily see which article is the most popular on the internet right now. Of course, Newspond keeps a copy of the highest popularity rating that an article has ever attained, so you can easily see the top stories of the day, week, or month.

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what direction a story is going.

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A new way to comment

Comments are more than linear discussions. They are fluid and dynamic. That's why we've developed a brand new comments engine, that lets you effortlessly converse within a buttery-smooth user interface. Not to mention a full comments history so you can always keep tabs on your posts. Just press the button at the bottom-left of every article to start talking.

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Newspond makes it easy to stay on top of the news. Found an awesome story that you want to keep for later? Press the 'Save this for later' button and build a playlist of your favourite stories. Perfect for sharing stories with your friends later on, or keeping tabs on a story as it develops.